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Tue, Apr 7, 2009

Adeccoligaen, Norway

..and now, for a league with more minnows than your average aquarium: It’s the Adeccoliga!

The second tier of Norwegian football is rather less glamorous and appealing than the fabulous Tippeliga, but in terms of excitement and competitiveness it frequently delivers. The 2009-edition of the Adeccoliga got off to an interesting start this weekend, with newly demoted HamKam losing to Tom “Keiko” Nordlie’s Kongsvinger. Having been thoroughly relegated from the Tippeliga last term HamKam are nevertheless favorites to go straight back up again, and while Kongsvinger are very much dark horses in this competition this result is a significant blow to the boys from Briskeby. 

Another pre-season favorite for promotion, Moss, got of to a better start altogether as they beat Løv-Ham 2-1. Haugesund have been amongst the very few teams to show some ambition in the transfer-market this winter, but they could only come away with a 2-2 draw from their tricky opening game away to Tromsdalen

Newly promoted Skeid got off to a surprisingly good start by beating Notodden 3-0 away from home, a result that on paper doesn’t make a whole lot of sense as Notodden were quite handy last season. NIL-Trysil could possibly be amongst the teams gunning for promotion this season, and they got off to a good start against Mjøndalen, recording a comfortable 1-0 win.

After a disastrous 2008 campaign and a winter of discontent, Bryne got off to an uninspiring start with a 0-0 home draw with Sarpsborg 08. Everyone’s favorite Northern minnows Alta on the other hand would give an arm and a leg for an uninspiring 0-0 draw: They somehow contrived to lose 3-1 at home against newly promoted Stavanger.

Sogndal face Hønefoss tonight in a fixture that for reasons passing understanding is being televised. 


There was no proper preview coverage of this league, but here are some spectacularly half-assed predictions:

HamKam will get promoted. Moss, NIL-Trysil and Sogndal will battle for the second automatic promotion spot, along with possibly Kongsvinger and Haugesund. Notodden, Skeid, Bryne, Sarpsborg 08, Løv-Ham and Hønefoss will all faff about in mid-table seemingly without point or purpose, while Alta, Mjøndalen, Tromsdalen, Stavanger will all get relegated.


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7 Responses to “Adecco Update”

  1. Lars Says:

    Nordlie seem to be an expert at makeing the most out of what he`s got unfortunatly he seems piss a lot of pepole off and not be abel to maintain a job for very long.

  2. Lars Says:

    While I don’t know the guy personally it does seem like his leadership style is very much “My way or the highway”, and at bigger clubs where there are already big personalities (and big egos) in place that obviously creates trouble.

    How his Kongsvinger-team does is one of the very few truly interesting storylines in this seasons’ Adeccoliga (from a neutral, disinterested standpoint) because at KIL he’ll probably get to do whatever he wants, and that could make them very god indeed..

  3. Crazy Al Says:

    I think you are right about the projected standings. But, I think, NIL still has some work to do before fighting for promotion.

    HamKam and Alta get the televised game this week. This will provide HamKam a good opportunity to get back on track. Alta’s top rated player (Aziz Isdris) was sent off last Sunday and will miss this game. Combine that with a new coach and a starting line up of mostly very young players and you could have a great game or a great disaster.

  4. puntteri Says:

    Adeccoligaen is very interesting indeed! A hard league for hard men, though some of the teams seem to be composed of youngsters and boys. First divisions anywhere seem to look alike, best players have been sold elsewhere everyone is struggling one way or another.

    From what I have seen I can hardly agree on with Nybergsund being on that end of the league, but Alta and Stavanger are quite sure goners. Goodbye and thank you for participation. Kongsvinger and Honefoss will fight with Moss and Sogndal for the second promotionplace after HamKam.

    Televising lower leagues has always been an interesting idea, maybe it is a reflection of a thing called football culture? Although I support the idea I rarely watch any Conference matches televised by Sky Sports in the UK whenever I am around.

  5. Lars Says:

    No love for the Artists Formerly Known as Nybergsund then? Oh they’ll show you, just you wait..

    Maybe losing to Stavanger was the kick in the goolies that Alta needed to get going (no, I don’t think so either)?

    Puntteri: This is my thing with televising such game, I like the idea of giving media-exposure to smaller teams but on the other hand I don’t like the idea of spending two hours of my life actually watching it (though having said that, I think I will tune in for HamKam – Alta next week..).

  6. puntteri Says:

    While you are watching the Alta game next week remember to listen to the Finnish goalkeeper Mikko Vilmunen. He will constantly shout and instruct his team in english and finnish as well when he gets really mad.

    Translation ready for you; “kiviä taskuun” mean “put stones in your pocket!” and it is used when opposite team players fall all too easily according to good ole Mikko.

    If he only remembered to make a couple of saves also every now and then Alta would have a slightest of chances for survival.

  7. Lars Says:

    Kiviä taskuun? I’ll remember that one, next time I’m at a game I can befuddle the Finnish players by shouting this..

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