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Wed, Apr 15, 2009

Adeccoligaen, Norway

The crazy train that is the Adeccoliga rolls ever onwards, and this week some Northern minnows as well as a Southern whale were well and truly gutted..

Oh yes, in Tuesday’s rather randomly televised encounter between HamKam and Alta the boys from Briskeby inflicted some serious damage. 7-0 was the final score in a match that was more one-sided than a see-saw with a badger on one end and Raymond Kvisvik on the other.

The Southern whale in question is of course manager Tom “Keiko” Nordlie, whose team Kongsvinger were well and truly rogered by an impressive-looking Haugesund-side. 4-1 the score there. 

There were a few exepcted maulings that failed to materialize though, Stavanger have been predicted to have a really rather bad time of it in this league and against promotion-candidates Moss you’d expect them to bend over, but not so: A spirited 2-2 draw at home in Stavanger surprised qutie a lot of people. Similar story with Mjøndalen who hosted Sogndal, a 0-0 draw the outcome there.

The artists formerly known as Nybergsund, NIL-Trysil, made it two wins in two with an impressive 1-2 away win at Hønefoss (take that, haterz!!1one!), while the other Northern minnows Tromsdalen picked up a very handy away triumph as well, beating Løv-Ham 0-1 in Bergen.

Notodden had a productive road-trip, they went to Sarpsborg and returned home with all three points having beaten Sarprsborg 08 with a 1-2 scoreline. Lastly, Skeid quite bizarrely find themselves top of the table for a week after beating Bryne 1-0 at home.

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4 Responses to “Adecco Update”

  1. Crazy Al Says:

    Well, the HamKam game was a butt whipping of biblical proportions. It is truly unfortunate that the game was not as close as the score indicates. Alta’s coach was correct when he said “This was an embarassment.” This is the second week in a row that Alta has had a player sent off. HamKam scored 5 goals after Alta’s keeper was ejected. After their tie with Stavanger, I don’t think Alta’s next opponent, Moss, is going to be in a generous mood either.

    NIL is making a believer out of me. But, it is still early. I hear through the northern grapevine that Skeid has some very good attacking talent. They may be in this race for the long haul. Not to be promoted, but as a team to stay up and make life difficult for those teams trying to make the Elite Series.

  2. Euroman Says:

    Alta knew going into the season that they would have to take points where they could just like last year. The long trip to Alta, playing indoors and on carpet will trip several teams and provide the point necessary to stay in the Adecco. HamKam is side that is hunger to get back to the Tipp but news of player salary cuts due the economy may lead to some discontent down the road.
    I think HamKam & Sogndal will go straight up with Notodden in the playoff spot. Like Lars I have been wrong many times but there it is.

    Perhaps someone could answer a question regarding Haugesund’s American defender Chris Gbandi. Has been loaned out, injured or just not selected for matches? I had heard he might loaned to a Swedish side and I don’t have any confirmation

  3. Euroman Says:

    Is it two teams getting promoted straight away and one in a playoff? I may have that all wrong.

  4. Lars Says:

    Skeid has had impressive/bizarre ability to unearth attacking talent in recent years, most notably Daniel Braaten and Mohammed Abdellaoue, but also now Mostafa Abdellaoue and Dwada Leigh (both playing for Vålerenga). I suppose, even though they are a pretty tiny club, it shouldn’t really surprise anyone if they’ve come up with a couple of new gems this season as well..

    Alta really really need to get people sent off.. (not that they had a snowball’s chance in a sauna to begin with at Briskeby, but still)

    HamKam are on paper the best team in the league by a significant margin, and the way their manager Arne Erlandsen sets his teams up is perfect for the Adeccoliga. Can’t imagine them not getting promoted.

    It’s two teams promoted straight away, and then a very peculiar playoff where the third and fourth placed teams play each other, the fifth placed team plays the fourteenth placed team from the Tippeliga, and the two winners from those games face each other in a final for the third promotion spot. Dizzy yet?

    I heard rumors that he was off as well, but that’s all I know about him right now, sorry..

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