About us / Partners

Nordic Football News is now under new ownership. The site was originally founded in 2009 and attracted many regular readers, ourselves included. Unfortunately the site then lapsed, presumably because the original authors had no time to continue to run it. We thought that was rather a shame, so decided to undertake the project to resurrect the site and restore it to its former glory. In doing so we are trying to reinstate as much of the former content as possible from the archives, plus going forward we will obviously be adding as many new articles as we can, where time allows.

With the above in mind, any article posted on this site that is dated before 2016 was written by Egan Richardson, Juha Salminen or Lars Sivertsen. If you choose to share or reference any of these articles, please be sure to credit the original authors of the work.

Anything from 2016 onwards is the work of our own fair hands, and we hope you like it. Please continue to share and support the blog. If you would like to contribute, please feel free to contact us.

Some of our new partners websites are listed below and we thank them for their continued support:

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